MartialArtsMegaStore was forged in the fire of my daughter's unyielding passion for Martial Arts. When it came to acquiring new gear, there was no damn "go to" place in sight. Sure, there were those fancy, brand-specific shops with flashy websites, but if you wanted a true "one stop shop," most of the existing sites were either relics of the past, utterly unusable, or downright disrespectful to the sacred art of eCommerce that we've been perfecting and championing for decades. is owned and operated by Selby Digital LTD.

Our vision and mission for MartialArtsMegaStore? To become the undisputed, unrivaled sanctuary for the entire Martial Arts community. And how the hell are we going to achieve that? By steadfastly upholding our four core principles: Trust, Speed, Value, and Respect.

Trust: Listen up, folks. Selby Digital LTD (us) has operated an online giftware store since 2019, it's called We've proven our creed in that game, and you can review our 5 star ratings for here to give you some comfort that we walk the talk!  We're relatively new to the game of MartialArts Gear, but we're working on building up our reviews here too.  You can check those out here!

Speed: We get it, alright? When you're getting your hands on shiny new gear, you either NEED it ASAP to continue your epic journey or you're so damn excited that you just WANT it ASAP. So rest assured, the moment you place that order, we'll hustle our asses off to get it to you at lightning speed!

Value: We're on a relentless quest to keep our prices as competitive as humanly possible in this wild, chaotic market. Our beloved Martial Arts is already expensive enough—no way in hell are we going to let you get ripped off for your gear!

Respect: We're not some corporate behemoth. We're a small, tight-knit family business, and we genuinely appreciate every ounce of business you bless us with. We'll treat you and your order with the utmost respect it rightfully deserves, because that's just how we roll.

So gear up, my fellow warriors, and join the MartialArtsMegaStore revolution. Let us be your trusted battle companion on your quest for greatness. Together, we'll conquer every obstacle that stands in our way. Are you ready to unleash the warrior within? Let's do this!