Bravose emerges as a brand rooted deeply in the world of boxing and combat sports, radiating ambition and fearlessness. Collaborating closely with UK-based boxers, fighters, and gyms, they've carved out an exceptional boxing glove that's been honed to perfection over years of insights and refinements. Now, Bravose has expanded its wings, delivering a top-tier range of boxing accessories and equipment.

Though a family-driven venture, Bravose might be seen as the "plucky underdog" when squared against veteran boxing brands. However, their arsenal is rich – blending contemporary style, unparalleled substance, and a fervent aspiration to clinch the top spot.

With their youthful vigor, Bravose brings over ten years of expertise in product design and testing to the table, coupled with a lifelong zeal for boxing. Their products, hailing from state-of-the-art Asian facilities, are meticulously crafted under rigorous standards. This ensures each piece stands toe-to-toe with offerings from the industry's elite, especially in durability and design.

Bravose's Guiding Principles:

  • Innovation: A relentless pursuit to introduce top-notch products into the arena.
  • Protection: A commitment to safety, prioritizing hand protection.
  • Bravery: Embodied in their name and ethos - confronting challenges head-on.
  • Humility: Rooted in confidence and humility. As they believe, it's not about the fall, but rising each time. Embracing that triumph isn't the end, and setbacks aren't the final blow."